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8 Lucky Plants for This Lunar Year

Chinese New Year is a major festival in Singapore. If you are also familiar with Chinese new year rituals, then you must know the importance of plants. Yes, some specific potted plants in Singapore are considered to bring luck in the lunar year. If you are also planning to get one, here is a list of some plants believed to bring wealth and fortune.

1. Bamboo

In Chinese culture, bamboo is much more than food for pandas. These cute potted plants are considered to bring luck, fortune, and strength. They are also a great gift during the new year. For example, two bamboo stalks mean double luck, and five stalks represent great health. The combination of four stalks is never gifted since the number 4 sounds similar to the word “death” in Chinese.

2. Orchids

When buying plants, no one can resist the lovely and colourful section of orchids. Along with the pleasant look, these flowers also stand for fertility and abundance in the Chinese New Year.

3. Orange Mandarin

Mandarins are great outdoor plants in Singapore and can be easily spotted too. On top of that, the faint citrusy fragrance of the fruits feels mesmerising. It is recommended to place these vibrant plants on the entrance or as table tops to bring a fruitful and abundant year.

4. Pussy Willow

The buds of these stalky plants resemble furry kittens, thus giving it the name pussy willow. Also known as catkins, these plants symbolise the onset of the spring season, and their tall height also represents abundance.

5. Kumquat tree

This is another citrus fruit tree that resembles oranges and tangerines but is as small as an olive. Kumquat tree natives to South Asia make unique indoor potted plants, symbolising luck and wealth.

6. Chrysanthemum

Available in beautiful hues of violet to golden, these flowering plants symbolise longevity in the Chinese new year. The golden variant of the Chrysanthemum plant also stands for great wealth and prosperity.

7. Cockscomb

These beautiful flowering plants have red flowers that resemble a rooster’s comb, thus giving it the name cockscomb. This potted plant in Singapore is considered auspicious during the Chinese New Year because roosters are considered lucky animals in Chinese culture.

8. Marigold

You can find this bright Marigold gold-orange-hued plant in abundance in Singapore. They are known as Shau Ju in Mandarin and symbolise health & longevity.

Bottom Line

When you buy these plants during the Chinese New Year, you look forward to a prosperous year ahead. If you are also planning to get one or more of these gorgeous lucky plants, The Green Corner is here to help. They are the best plant nursery offering you a variety of house and outdoor plants in Singapore. Choose from your favourite lucky plants to bring luck and fortune this New Year.


Is mandarin and orange tree the same?

Although mandarin oranges belong to the same citrus fruit family as the oranges, lemons, etc., mandarins are sweeter, smaller, and easier to peel.

What colour orchids should I get?

You can choose any colour orchid for the Chinese new year, but red orchids often symbolise luck, wealth, and prosperity.

Does the best outdoor plant seller in Singapore provide fertiliser for my plants?

Yes, they offer a range of gardening essentials, including fertilisers, pesticides, plant boosters, etc.