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9 Quick Tips for Terrace Gardening

Even though we might not have a huge backyard or garden, we can still manage gardening. The recent buzz of terrace or rooftop gardens has caught the attention of many! However, gardening is an art you can’t begin without getting the basics right. So let’s dig into some essential tips to create your lush green terrace garden.

1. Create Ample Shade

Since Singapore has a tropical climate, you can expect abundant rainfall, especially by the end of the year. Thus, create ambient shade areas to protect your garden plants from extreme rain and sunlight.

2. Try Wooden Decking

Are you planning to give your terrace a makeover? While starting your terrace garden, you can set up a wooden deck and accents that make you feel closer to nature.

3. Start With Small Pots and Planters.

If you are a beginner, you must start with small garden plants that come in pots and planters. They are usually readily available, easy to carry, and maintain.

4. Right set of Plants

For Singaporean weather, it is best to pick tropical plants like lime, kumquat etc. In addition, flowering plants like lily, lavender, etc., are best to add a splash of colour to your garden.

5. Save Space With Vertical Planters

Instead of horizontal or wide-bottomed pots, switch to vertical plant stands and narrow planters. They look stylish and save a lot of space.

6. Pick air Purifying Plants

Look for plants that help in air purifying by releasing oxygen at night. Such plants are perfect for replenishing fresh air and work best indoors and outdoors.

7. Maintain Spacing

When you plant seeds in the soil, make sure they are placed with ambient spacing. This is because as they grow, they will compete for sunlight, water, and nutrients that hamper their individual growth.

8. Get Good Quality Soil

The growth of your beloved plants depends on the soil you use. If you think the soil is not rich enough, try incorporating some compost or manure to boost its nutrients. You can also opt for fertilizers at some point.

9. Get the Right Garden Tools

Last but not least, you need to get the right garden tools. Not only do they make gardening easier, but they also help protect your lovely plants. To begin with, you must readily invest in a shovel, spray bottles, flower stands, etc.


We know how much you love gardening! These handy tips will help you create your dream terrace garden. Picking the right garden accessories and tools is as important as getting the right plants. Thankfully, finding some good gardening essentials is now easier with The Green Corner. They are the ultimate destination for getting your favourite plants to garden tools. You can get exotic plants, and gardening essentials delivered right to your doorstep.


What are some best plants to start with?

To begin with, pick small, easy-to-maintain plants such as snake plants, aloe vera, etc.

What does nutrient spray do?

Nutrient sprays contain essential nutrients that boost plants’ metabolism, resulting in healthy growth.

Can I grow succulents in Singapore weather?

Yes, succulents can prove to be indoor and outdoor plants. However, it is advised not to overwater them since the weather here is already humid.