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Growing a lime plant indoors – Things no one will ever tell you

Among the extensive variety of garden plants growing indoors, citrus tops the list. Why lime or citrus plants are trendy? Well, they have an amazing aroma; they look exceptional, and they can keep your indoor air quality awesome. With the immense rise of popularity also comes the challenge of citrus care. Especially, when you are growing a lime plant during the chilly winters, it can be quite stressful with the watering protocols. Want to grow a lime tree indoors, but worried about things you might do wrong? Read on to find them!

1. The Right Drainage is Essential

If you know citrus, you probably already know citrus requires outstanding drainage. Even if you didn’t know about the drainage aspect earlier, understand now that drainage is crucial because the soggy bottoms can kill the trees. If possible, mix the potting medium with handfuls of hardwood because soft wood breaks down fast.

2. Overwatering can be Fatal

Citrus or lime plants are one of those varieties that hate having wet feet. If you are overwatering, it can be the most common cause of your plant’s adverse health. Undoubtedly you have to water your plan, but only when the pot is close to dry. Also, citrus trees hate to be underwatered. So, notice signs of underwatering (like when the soil pulls away from the sides of your pot, the leaves droop or turn crisp and the branches die).

If you want to cut down on the stressful guesswork regarding the watering of citrus plants, get a moisture meter, and insert it fully into the growing medium.

3. Don’t use Cold Water

In citrus, the water should be tepid, or at nearly the temperature of the room, they are in. During the harsh weather, try to notice signs of freezing water or yellowing leaf veins that indicate the temperature drop.

4. Citrus is a fan of Nitrogen

Although they are kept indoors, citrus trees love nitrogen and stay hungry. Try to enrich the trees with a natural source of nitrogen and avoid using fertilizer sticks in the citrus pots as they can burn the trees’ roots.

5. Citrus Deserves to be Near Your Sunniest Windows

The lime plants need sunlight more than any other house plant in your home. If you have a semi-outdoor space like a balcony or terrace, you can keep the plants there, or you can also keep them near your sunniest window. They would be just fine there.


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