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A Quick Guide to Choosing Plants for Your Office

Want to make your workplace less stressful and more relaxing? The best option is to get leafy or flowering plants. The indoor plants can purify the air in the office and allow you to breathe fresh air. Moreover, they can also boost creative thinking and enhance the productivity of employees. However, with hundreds of plants available, choosing the right plants can be tough.

Here is a quick guide to help you select the perfect indoor plants for your office.

  • Consider the Location

When it comes to selecting plants for your office, the first thing to consider is where you are planning to place the plant. Just like humans, stuffy cubicles are not ideal for plants too. It is always best to keep the plants on tabletops, desks, or near windows. Once you decide on the right place, think of the foot traffic in that area. If you place plants such as begonia in a room where people walk in and out constantly, they are likely to dry out soon. Plants like dracaena and philodendron can be the best option for heavy-traffic areas. So, depending on the location and foot traffic, you must choose the right plant.

  • Think About Light

Lighting is an important factor to consider when getting potted plants in Singapore for your office. The more natural light a plant will get, the better its growth will be. However, not all plants have similar light requirements. While some plants require more sunlight to thrive, others require less. If your workstation does not get much sunlight, dracaena and philodendron can be the ideal choice. But make sure to move the plant at least once a week to a place where it can get natural sunlight.

  • Evaluate the Size

The size of the plant also matters. It is essential to pick the right size plant to ensure it aligns well with the available space. Getting a small plant for a huge space may not look good. Similarly, getting big plants for a small space will make it clumsier. To avoid such situations, getting the right size plant is important. For instance, in case your office has a high ceiling, it is best to go for the narrow and tall plants. A point to note here is that the plants will grow with time. So, keeping in mind the space of your office, get the right size plants.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance of the plants is yet another factor you must not overlook. In the office, your core job is to focus on different assigned tasks and complete them on time. With so much workload, investing too much time in ensuring the health of the plants is not possible. So, it is wise to get plants that require minimal maintenance.


Plants can be a great addition to your office. However, the selection of the right plant matters. Now that you know the things to consider, it is time to order your office plant. With services of plant delivery in Singapore, you can easily get your plant delivered to your workplace at much ease. Get the best office plants from The Green Corner and create a relaxing atmosphere in your workplace.