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Tips to Take Proper Care of Caladium Plants

Caladium is one of the beautiful foliage plants that people get to adorn their homes. The fancy multi-colored and heart-shaped leaves make them ideal for decorating indoors. No doubt, the Caladium bicolor will enhance the overall look of your home. However, a point to note here is that you need to take extra care of the plant. Are you wondering how to care for the Caladium plants? In that case, here are some effective tips you can leverage.

  • Ensure Proper Exposure to Sunlight

The first thing to know is the light requirement of the Caladium plants. The fancy plants are usually grown indoors. When grown indoors, they require medium to bright indirect sunlight to thrive. However, in case you place them outdoors, make sure to keep them under shade. Direct sunlight for a long time can result in brown blotches on the leaves. So, try to avoid direct sunlight. Two to four hours of indirect sunlight is sufficient for these garden plants to grow and thrive. Morning sunlight can be the best for the Caladium plants. Make sure to rotate the pot at certain intervals to ensure that all side of the plant gets the required sunlight for even growth.

  • Consider Regularly Watering the Plant

When it comes to watering the Caladium plants, it may appear a little fussy. It is because these plants require a lot of water as they grow well in moist soils. Underwatering the plant can result in drooping of the leaves of Caladium. So, you need to keep watering the plant regularly to ensure that the soil remains damp. However, make sure not to make the soil too soggy. Soggy soil will not only drown the roots but also cause the tubers to rot. So, the best way to find out whether the plant requires water or not is to touch the soil. If it is dry, you must consider watering the Caladium plant.

  • Get the Right Soil

When growing the Caladium plants, the use of the right soil is crucial. Caladium plants grow well in well-drained, rich soil. The right pH of the soil for these plants varies between 5.5 to 6.2. When it comes to repotting the plant, you do not have to do it too frequently. It can be done once in two to three years. Whenever you change the pot of your Caladium plant, try to get a bigger pot than the previous one.

  • Propagation

Propagation of the Caladium plants is quite simple and easy. All you need to ensure is that you have the essential garden accessories. The best way to propagate Caladium is by dividing the tubers of mature plants. Make sure there is a minimum of one growing site at each new tuber section.


With proper care, your Caladium plant will grow healthy. Now that you know the effective ways to care for these plants, it is time to implement the tips. Caladiums are indeed a great addition to your home interiors. Want to get a Caladium plant home? Explore the different variants of the Caladium plant at The Green Corner and shop for the best one.