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Benefits of Having a Real Christmas Tree

There are stockings all over the fireplace. You have gathered around with your friends, family and acquaintances with your grandma’s recipes, and conversations are lingering when the Christmas season is in full swing. Your home is filled with wrapping paper, shopping, and so much more that makes your home look no less than a winter dreamland. The holiday excitement and fun begin with decorating a Christmas tree, and if you have started to hunt for the perfect Christmas tree in Singapore online when the Yuletide spirit is in the air, here are some benefits you need to know.

The Epitome of Eternal Life

It is believed that the custom of putting up a Christmas tree first started in Germany, after which the tradition travelled to the UK in the 1830s. The goal was to represent life amidst the dreadful, life-taking winters. There is a legend that after the birth of Christ in the winter, some trees shook off the snow and turned green to celebrate the great event, those were Christmas trees. the Xmas trees thus represent immortality and permanence.

The Symbol of Optimism

For ages, the Christmas tree is believed to bring positivity to the dull winters. They represent the spirit of not giving up and staying green despite the challenging weather condition. Also, they have a sweet scent that emanates to calm your nerves down and soothe you from everyday stress.

Customary Decoration

What is a home without a tree on Christmas? The answer is incomplete. Do you know that in the early days’ people used to decorate their Christmas tree with edible things such as apples and gingerbread? However, as the traditions evolved with time, the decorates started to include candies, electric Christmas lights, flashy stars, baubles, tinsels, gold foils, coloured papers, small Santa Claus puppets and other dolls, Christmas bells and artificial snowflakes.

A Stunning Placeholder for Gifts

Where do you think Santa Claus will place your gifts? Obviously under the tree! It is believed that Santa Claus brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve. He places the gifts under the Christmas Tree and slowly sneaks away from home through the chimney after having some milk and cookies. To make this tradition fun, people get big trees and decorate them beautifully to surprise Mr Claus. While doing so, they also create a focal point to gather around and unwrap the gifts.


If these reasons seem reasonable enough and you have started to choose the ideal Christmas Tree, then Noble Firs can be a great option. These majestic Christmas trees are sheer eye-candy that can add perfection to your Christmas festivities. In addition, they can add glitz and glamour to your celebration with their sturdy branches that can hold the heaviest of Christmas lighting or ornaments.

The soft blue-green needles and wonderfully distinct fir fragrances have a visual spark with a calming fragrance. The distinct spruce is soft to the touch, and their natural shape can escalate the aesthetics of your home to a whole new level. Searching for a Christmas tree in Singapore online? Buy one from The Green Corner now!