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Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for Upgrading Your Christmas Tree

If you have pulled out the Christmas decoration from the attic to emblazon your tree then it’s high time you think of something out of the box. Undoubtedly red and green ball ornaments are timeless, but if you want to buy a live Christmas tree and you want a little something to refresh your tree this holiday season, then these fun Christmas decorating examples can be the new hot shot way to add some glam-sham to your over-the-top tree with some colourful, all-natural ideas.

The classic décor

When you are decorating with Christmas lights, classic can go a long way. The fir trimmed perfectly with an angel topper, red ribbon, classic ornaments and string lights can look like a vintage delight. You can also try putting some fake snow that you can create with cotton.

Go Ombre

While decorating you can also create a gradient rainbow tree that is anything but drab. All you need to do is to stray away from the outmoded green and red accents and you can incorporate the entire rainbow with pink and rainbow on the bottom and glowing hold decorations on the top near the star.

Use fruits

Traditionally when there were no fairy lights or fancy decorations, Christmas trees were decorated with fruits only. You can use dried citrus fruit along with purple roses, apples and other natural accents for a plastic-free, elegant tree. In fact, sweets and candies can also be a great idea to be used in place of conventional decors. Just get your favourite cookies, red berries, gumdrops, ribbon candy, and other delicious treats that people can eat right off the tree.

Old-fashioned allure

Candles can give your Christmas tree an old-fashioned charm. However, you need to avoid a serious fire hazard when you use candle lights instead of the real deal. Along with the candles you can also stick with blue and white. This is the forever committed colour palette of a traditional Christmas or Hanukkah if you celebrate that.

Pom-pom your tree up

You can also add pom-pom decorations to make your tree look like it can straight out of La La land. Just make it multi-colour instead of sticking with one colour throughout. Also, ensure to keep it subtle yet dramatic so that you do the extra without actually doing anything extra.

Show off your memories

Use your tree as an excuse to show off your best family photos. You can get Polaroid-style snaps and make them look like tags with festive string lights so people can relive your favourite moments through your Christmas tree.


These Christmas tree décor ideas can surely speak to you. Just ensure to buy a live Christmas tree that is perfect for your home and you can use these decorating examples to set the bar high for a festive ambience. The right tree can set the mood and try for a vibrant ambience. So, irrespective of the décor theme you are going with, pick the right tree to make your decorations stand out effortlessly.