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How To Choose the Ideal Flower Shop for Chinese New Year?

Fruits and flowers are an essential part of festive celebrations. Just as the Christmas tree is important for Christmas, some plants also hold importance, particularly for the Chinese New Year. From cute little Hydrangea flowers to happy & bright marigolds, the new year is all about wishing luck and prosperity. However, when buying flowers, one must carefully choose the shop.

Does the shop deliver to your location? Do they offer the Chinese New Year flower you need? Once you get such important questions answered, you might find the best flower shop this new year. Here is a quick guide on choosing the ideal flower shop, especially for the Chinese New Year.

  • Availability of CNY flowers

As we know, the Chinese New Year is among the most important festivals in Singapore. When looking for a flower shop, you must see whether they have an exclusive range for the same. A good florist in Singapore will surely have the latest collection of flowers relevant to the Chinese New Year festival. Some most commonly preferred auspicious flowers include chrysanthemums, orchids, kalanchoe, marigolds, pussy willow, etc.

  • Variety

A decent florist or flower shop will have a large selection of flowers to choose from. Moreover, each Chinese New Year flower must be of high quality and freshness. Other than single flower pots or bouquets, they should also have flower packages and bundles for gifting. If you’re still unsure about your choice of flowers, ask the florist for advice; they’ll probably be able to give you the best suggestion!

  • Delivery service

Today most flower shops offer online delivery service, which is super convenient. Do you need to get the flowers delivered to your home? Or do you want to send them to your relative’s house? No matter what, it is easier than ever! A good flower shop must be able to serve the maximum locations within the country. Moreover, many also offer free delivery on minimum orders as low as $150. Let the festivities begin without spending a fortune!

  • Budget

From buying a single flower pot to choosing presentable gifts for loved ones, budget is an important factor. When selecting a flower shop, we should consider the price tags too! A good florist will always provide fresh, quality flowers at reasonable prices. So, ensure you get the best quality and beautiful flowers worth your money.

  • Customer reviews

Last but not least, do consider what others are saying about a particular flower shop. When browsing through different flower shops on the internet, make sure you check their Google reviews. You can even ask for referrals from previous clients to get more information about their CNY flowers’ quality and delivery service.

Bottom Line

The lunar new year is just around the corner, and we can’t contain the excitement. Buying lucky flowers for yourself and others is the best way to welcome the new year. If you are also looking for your favourite Chinese New Year flower, trust The Green Corner. They are Singapore’s #1 online flower shop offering their extensive range of CNY flowers. From lucky bamboo gift packs to stunning flower bundles, get them delivered to your doorstep today!