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The Ideal Ornament for Your Room-Lime Plant

Caladium Bella

Who doesn’t love the idea of having a little piece of nature near them? Plants don’t just clear the air and add an aesthetic touch to the ambiance, they are also the harbinger of joy and positivity. The joy of being surrounded by nature in Singapore’s asphalt jungles is utterly delightful. Any living room indoor plants bestow the colours of grace, liveliness, and aesthetics. Along with the philosophy of art, scientific principles also affirm the benefits of having plants inside a room.  The studies show many benefits of having indoor plants in our homes and even at our workplaces.

Green plants can be a great stress buster and they can instantly uplift your mood after a hectic day. Most plants are therapeutic and good for mental health and they can also improve concentration and improve productivity.

There are many living-room indoor plants like Asparagus Fern, Ficus Elastica Variegata, Mexican Lime Plant, Syngonium Three Kings, etc. But the one that we handpicked for you is the Mexican Lime Plant. Let’s dig more about this plant.

Here are the top reasons why the Lime plant is one of the best living room indoor plants:

  • Purifies the air– Lime plant is well known for air purification from harmful environmental compounds which are common in Singapore. This citrus plant improves the quality of air because of the air filters present. The natural oils of the plants kill the bacteria present in the atmosphere of the room.
  • Adds colours to the room– This citrus plant is one of the most beautiful living room indoor plants. The vivid colour of the leaf changes during its growth. From dark green to shiny greenish yellow, the Lime plant adds bloom to any room. It fills the empty dreary corners of your room with the jewels of fruits. The eye-catching lime fruit and ornamental leaf shape accord aesthetic energy to the room.
  • Fills the room with aroma– Good fragrance can uplift any room and citrus plants are well-known for their fresh and invigorating aroma. Mexican Lime plant contributes to filling the room with a light, refreshing fragrance. You can also use dried leaves and fruits of the plant to fill the living room with a citrusy automatic breeze.
  • Bears valuable leaves and fruits– Along with flavourful fruits, Lime plants also proffer nutritious leaves as they are rich in Vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium. You can use the flowers to make a refreshing tea or can garnish your dish with leaves to give it a sharp kick. Tasty lime fruit can be used to make healthy drinks that are full of nutrition.
  • Easy to maintain– Lime plant is one of the easiest and low maintenance plants in the list of house plants. It is suitable for any Singapore’s environment and does not require much care. Dwarf citrus plants are portable in size and can be fitted anywhere in your room. Just make sure to provide it with enough sunlight. Simple needs like good water drainage, a regular supply of water, and citrus fertilizers are enough for your little buddies.

Lime plant tops the list of best living room indoor plants due to the abundant benefits they provide. So, when life gives you lime, make sure it is a plant.