The Green Corner

Perks of Getting Air Plants in Singapore

How often did you try to get some eccentric elements for your interior? Whether we are talking about a stunning wall hanging or bright little greens, there are tons of ways to add flairs to your home. However, one of the most enticing ways of jazzing up your space is to get air plants in Singapore. Undoubtedly the fun little air plants don’t need soil, but they do need a little attention. This otherworldly stunning flora can grow in the air and the leaves look like the appendages of an exotic sea creature.

An aesthetic touch to your space:

For one, these hanging planters look fabulous in your decor. Unlike the vibrant flowering plants or the lush greens, air plants are elegantly unique. They are a perfect fit for every part of your living area, and you can flaunt them in all their glory. Whether you have contemporary decor or something that inclines more towards the Nordic or vintage side, these plants can look fantastic in every theme.

Conversation starter:

Unlike the same old same old plants that need soil, sunlight and water to develop, these plants receive nutrition from the moisture as well as the dirt fibres drifting in the air. Also, these plants look unnatural despite being purely natural plants found in mountain tops, jungles and deserts. Just arrange them in hanging planters or pots and they will escalate the vibe of your home to a whole new space. They can be a great conversation starter because these plants amaze everyone who lay their eyes upon their aesthetic appeal.

Versatile at best:

As air plants can be grown at just about any place, they make an exquisite option to be added to aged picture frames, driftwood, pottery or seashells. You don’t have to abide by the fact that these plants will fit your planters because you can seamlessly plant them anywhere for adding an interesting touch to an object. They are versatile, dreamy and of course cost-effective to add the most-wanted twist to your space.

Can even serve as an indoor plant:

Air plants grow just fine even when they aren’t placed in direct sunlight. Many wild plant species grow up in the shady, sheltered canopy of trees and these plants are one of them. You can also place the air plants near your window or create a hanging planter on your balcony and they will thrive just fine in less intense sunlight or dappled shade. Air plants are less fussy and even with limited maintenance, these plants can be the star of your home.

The Bottom Line

Searching for these epiphytes for your home or other living room indoor plants? Find them at an online nursery within your budget. The best part about an online plant nursery is the convenience. You can order a plant from the comfort of your home and while you shop you can rest assured to get enough information about the plant before you make an informed purchase.