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Add some pink tint to your room with the dint of Pink Princess Philodendron

Imagine having a plant in your home that is as pretty as a picture. What would it be like to have a plant that beautifies your entire place with its mere presence? Let us introduce a plant- Pink Princess Philodendron. This stunning aesthetic plant does what you just imagined. It is an aesthetic marvel that is spectacularly incredible. In Singapore, this plant is a perennial that grows coloured leaves. The leaf of the Pink Princess Philodendron exhibits a pinkish-green hue, making it appear like an ornament. The bubble-gum colour is due to variegation which means the lack of chlorophyll in the leaf. Owing to its rare beauty, this plant tops the list of most graceful flowering plants. Let’s explore the plant a little more in-depth.

Etymological overview

As the name suggests, the plant is the princess of all the flowering plants. Crowned with pink leaves, it gets its name from the Greek words ‘phileo’ and ‘dendron’, meaning ‘to love’ and ‘tree’, respectively. The name reflects the love of trees by the species. In Latin, the plant is well-recognized as Philodendron ‘erubescens’ which translates to ‘blushing’ in English.


The plant is a hybrid, man-made variety that was first grown around the 1970s. The pink hue comes from the genetic mutation of the two different philodendron genera. It belongs to the Araceae family of plants and originated in the South American region of Columbia. Since then, the plant has gained popularity as a house plant.


This plant is usually of small size ranging between 2 feet- 3 feet. Pink Princess Philodendron flourish heart-shaped leaves which have vibrant pink colour on the top along with tint of green. The bottom of the leaf is usually white in colour. Pink Princess Philodendrons are the perfect amalgamation of colours that are eye-catching.

The Vogue

 The reason for the Pink Princess Philodendron to be numero uno in the category of flowering plants is its mesmerizing charisma. The plant is not only cute to display but also adds vivacity to the room. It is effortlessly portable due to its small size and requires minimum to no care. Pink Princess Philodendron was also featured in the movie named “Crazy Rich Asians” due to its popularity. Apart from being kept inside houses and workplaces, the plant has been used as embellishments in parties and weddings too.

Caregiving tips for Pink Princess Philodendron

  1. Do not put these flowering plants in direct sunlight as it can dull the colours of the leaves. Prefer a place with indirect sunlight.
  2. Place the plant in a room with moderate temperature as high temperatures can dry the leaves out.
  3. Water it once or twice a week and let the top surface of the soil dry amidst watering.
  4. Use a well-draining mixture of soil which can also hold some water.
  5. The plant can be harmed by fungus. So, make sure to add some fungicides to the soil.
  6. As Pink Princess Philodendron is a variegated plant, do not use excess fertilizers.

Now that you have read everything about our little princess, it is time to go and buy one to adorn your room and fill your life with some colour.