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Gardeners’ Guide to Choose Best Garden Plants & Tools in Singapore

For lovers of nature, gardening is a sheer delight. Those who can devote time to their garden plants on a daily basis are blessed. If you have flowering plants at home, you are twice as blessed. Flowers in plants make your home look beautiful, lift your spirits, and improve your mood.

In Singapore, one hardly has the time and space to cultivate a good hobby like gardening. Yet one can find beautiful garden plants in every Singaporean apartment or high-rise building, whether offices or homes. Today, rooftop gardens have become highly popular in Singapore. Rooftop gardens provide numerous environmental benefits. They provide a secure and peaceful green heaven to unwind and break free from the city, resulting in stress reduction and mental health improvement. This is simply genius.

There are numerous lush patches of garden plants in vibrantly-colored contrast to the mottled skyscrapers of Singapore.

Garden Plants to Go for

Houseplants that are most suited to the weather conditions of Singapore include Alocasia Macrorrhiza, Begonia Maculata, Dracaena Fragrans, Hoya Plant, Monstera Plants, Arrowhead Plant, Begonia Rex, Caladium Bicolor, Money Plant, Pink Princess Philodendron, Snake Plant, Lime Plant, and Monstera Deliciosa.

Keeping in mind the peculiar weather conditions in the island country, Singaporeans go for plants that can tolerate the climate easily with the least maintenance. But garden plants cannot be neglected for long and need a bit of maintenance once in a while. For this, there needs to be an assortment of garden tools that you can keep handy.

Flowering plants best suited to the Singapore climate include Bougainvillea, Jasmine, Adenium, Ixora, Coleus, Camellia, Anthurium, Strelitzia ‘Birds of Paradise’, Hibiscus, and Gardenia.

Inside the most reputed and oldest nurseries in Singapore, plants are available in the form of Potted Plants, Exotic Plants, Balcony Plants, Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants, and many more.

Garden Tools You Must Keep in Handy

Looking to start a garden at home from scratch may appear daunting, but it is really all about passion and commitment, diligence, and procuring the necessary supplies. Garden tools are required whether you are a professional urban gardener or a novice home gardener.

Gardening tools are categorized into four main categories: – Cutting Tools, Fencing Equipments, Planting Tools, and Watering Tools.

There are multiple sorts of gardening tools on the market today. Some are intended for specific tasks, like digging holes or mowing the grass, etc. A few of the garden tools include garden pots, pot holders, ceramic pots, watering cans (with or without sprinklers), garden forks (heavy-duty or lightweight), rakes, etc.

To slacken and break up the soil, use an inexpensive tool like a gardening shovel. Shovels and spades are primarily used to dig holes in which to plant crops. They do, however, have other applications! A strong and durable shovel is able to loosen the tough ground soil and roots, as well as to remove huge piles of debris like dry leaves and twigs.

Rakes can be employed to remove small stones, weeds, dry leaves, and roots, and they can also be flipped over to guarantee smooth topsoil.

A few top-notch nurseries in Singapore have a wide selection of gardening tools and supplies, including hand tools, power tools, and accessories. So, opt for a one-stop shop for all your gardening needs.