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Clever Ways to Style Hanging Plants

Homeowners these days have started focusing on gardening and utilizing their backyards. However, only some are lucky with spacious gardens and backspaces where they can pursue their hobby. Thankfully, giving a touch of nature is now effortless with hanging plants. These planters are super affordable and take the least space to decorate any area. Here are 7 ways to style them to elevate your home’s aesthetics.

1. Adorn your balcony

Since many Singaporeans live in a high-rise and condo apartments, balconies or patios are a common part of their house. Using hanging plants to decorate the balcony’s walls and shade is the easiest and the most popular way to enhance overall beauty.

2. Add the spark to your terrace garden.

Do you have a terrace garden? Then it might be the best place to hang your plants. Decorating the space with hanging planters creates a harmonious look. Anyone visiting the terrace would be astonished by the variety and different styles of plants and pots in one place.

3. Choose pots that match your theme.

A house’s interior is incomplete without mix and match. Hence, if you buy hanging plants for decoration, make sure they match your room’s colour theme. For instance, the small white flowers of the hoya plant beautifully complement minimal interiors like white and pastel walls.

4. Hang over the bathtub.

Who says plants can only be placed in gardens and balconies? Since modern minimalistic interiors are very trendy, incorporate hanging plants in your bathroom in a wise way. Hang them near bathroom windows or above your bath tub to give the Victorian vibes!

5. Add life to the windows.

It’s time to ramp up the boring window panes by placing common house plants. You can use hanging plants on either side of the window to give it a dreamy look.

6. Create your own reading corner.

This particular tip is highly popular among readers. This is simply because nothing beats a cosy space where you can sit down, read your favourite books, sip your coffee and adore the beauty of hanging planters.

7. Jazz up your home office

If you have a dedicated space in your home for office work, don’t let it remain dull and lifeless. Say goodbye to the monotony by decorating your home office with beautiful plants like the hoya plant. This flowering plant having cute white flowers is readily available at trusted florists & nurseries to instantly give your space a fresh and peaceful appearance.

Bottom Line

Hanging plants are among the best décor items that not only are super easy to install, but are super affordable and versatile too. If you love these styling suggestions but are not sure where to get these, simply contact The Green Corner. With their wide range of collections, you can find anything ranging from hanging plants to balcony plants and gardening essentials; you will be spoilt for choice. Looking for some common house plants? Order from their website today!