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Complete Guide to Money Plant: Feng Shui and Care Tips

Do you have a money plant at home? Or even if you are planning to get one, the first-hand rule is understanding how to take care of it. After all, plants give us so much in return for our little care and attention. Further, most people in Singapore believe in maintaining the house, plants, and similar objects according to Feng Shui. So what does Feng Shui says about the beautiful money plant, and how do you care for one? This guide will help you.

Feng Shui about Money Plant

Money plant is among the most popular house plants renowned for bringing luck, positivity, and success. According to Feng Shui, money plants are highly beneficial to one’s financial health. It is believed to energise the house and purify the air since it improves oxygen flow and filters air.

According to Feng Shui, the southeast area, also known as the Bagua area, is associated with prosperity and financial security. Hence, money plants are typically placed in the home’s southeast corner, as it is thought to attract fortune.

You should never place money plants in the east-west because doing so invites misfortune like financial issues, conflicts, etc.

Care and Maintenance


Money plants only require a little water. Ideally, you should water it when the soil appears 50 to 75 per cent dry. Do not overwater them, and discard any extra water.


Money plants can easily adjust to lower light levels and enjoys indirect, bright light. While less exposure to sunlight can result in poor development and yellow leaves, too much direct light will scorch the foliage. To maintain even growth, rotate your plant every month. If your space does not receive ample natural light, try a grow light.


The ideal temperature range for your money plant is between 18 and 29°C.


The plant easily thrives in typical indoor humidity. However, mist the plant to elevate humidity if the air is really dry.


While the plant doesn’t demand too much fertilising, feed it once a month with a general-purpose fertiliser. This is especially useful during the spring and summer when it is developing new leaves.


Money trees are safe and non-toxic for pets.

Additional care tip: Many people complain about their money plant’s younger leaves turning yellow. This could be a sign that you overwatered your plant. If that isn’t the situation, consider fertilising the plant if you haven’t done so in a while. Try trimming the ageing leaves at the plant’s base, where they have the tendency to turn yellow.


Money plants are the kind of friendly roommates that everyone deserves! The above tips will undoubtedly help your money plant stay healthy for long. If you haven’t got your hands on these amazing house plants, order them for The Green Corner. As Singapore’s most trusted nursery, they offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants such as money plants, snake plant, monstera, and more. Also, make sure to check out their collection of gardening essentials which will help you keep your plants in optimal condition!