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Arrowhead Plant Facts: All You Need to Know

Are you looking for an indoor plant that looks good and is easy to maintain? In that case, the arrowhead plant can be the right choice. The colourful, bushy, and luscious leafage of the plant makes it a popular choice among people. Apart from decorating your home, the plant can also purify the air quality indoors. In this blog, you will get to know several interesting facts about arrowhead plants. Let’s take a look!

Quick Facts About Arrowhead Plant

  • The flowering season of the plant is in summer.
  • Syngonium podophyllum is the arrowhead plant’s botanical name.
  • The plant can reach up to a height of about 1.5 metres.
  • The leaves of the arrowhead plant come in different colours, from light green to creamy white.
  • The plant requires bright yet indirect light for proper growth.

Benefits of Arrowhead Plants

If you are planning to get arrowhead plants for your home, take a look at the prominent benefits.

  • Boosts Humidity

The transpiration rate of the arrowhead plant is 7. It helps in effectively increasing the humidity inside your home. Having arrowhead plants can also enable you to get rid of the dry air problem. Moreover, it can even reduce airborne microbes in your home.

  • Purifies Air

Arrowhead plant is an excellent indoor air purifier. It helps in removing the VOCs in the air. By enhancing the quality of air, it allows you to breathe fresh air and stay healthy.

  • Easy to Grow

The arrowhead plant is a beautiful houseplant that is easy to maintain and grow. Even with less light, the plant can grow well and look appealing throughout the year.

Common Problems of the Arrowhead Plant

  • The leaves of the arrowhead plant may appear wilted or brown due to underwatering.
  • The plant may become yellowish or pale due to exposure to excess light.
  • The arrowhead plant is stunning, but you need to keep it away from your canine and feline friends.

Tips to Take Care of the Arrowhead Plant

If you are growing arrowhead plants at home, taking good care is important. Below are some helpful tips to ensure proper growth and good health of the plant.

  • Water the arrowhead plant regularly during the summer and spring. However, avoid overwatering the plant.
  • Use the right soil to avoid the rotting of the roots. The pH of the soil needs to be neutral to acidic.
  • Humid conditions are vital for the growth of arrowhead plants.
  • Fertilisers are essential for the plant during the spring and summer.
  • The ideal temperature for growing the arrowhead plant is 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Regular pruning is essential to make the plant appear bushy and healthy.


By now, you must be well aware of everything about arrowhead plants. So, growing and taking care of the plant will be easy. Are you in search of a genuine plant nursery to get your arrowhead plant or money plant? If yes, The Green Corner is the best option. From Monstera plants to Begonia plants, you can easily find a wide range of options at the plant shop.