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How to Care for Your Monstera Deliciosa: Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Plant

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Globally, gardening has become one of the most popular hobbies, especially after the pandemic. If you’re a beginner plant enthusiast, starting with a single type of plant is easier. The beautiful and unique foliage of Monstera Deliciosa is not only aesthetic but also easy to tend to. Also known as Swiss cheese or window plant, Monstera Deliciosa offers great aesthetic value to your home.

7 Tips and Tricks to Care for Monstera Deliciosa 

  1. Watering – Watering the Swiss cheese plants can be tricky, as there is a risk of overwatering and drying up. So, conduct a finger test to check whether the plant needs a drink.  If the top 5 cm of the soil is dry, then the plant may suffer. Another sign of dryness is crispy and yellow-ish edges on the leaves.
  2. Magic powder – Nurturing Swiss cheese plants is comparatively easier than other plants but if you want to enhance your skills and show off your talent as a new plant parent, then use this magic powder to make the leaves lush and green. Mix one tablespoon of Epsom salt in one gallon of water and spray your plant with it once a month.
  3. Moisture – Swiss cheese plants do very well in environments that mimic their original habitat. Being a tropical plant, they thrive sensationally in humid areas. So, don’t forget to spritz some mist on your plant daily, especially if the plant is kept indoors.
  4. Light – Alongside, being low-maintenance, Monstera Deliciosa is known for its beautiful foliage. This foliage can get burnt if it receives direct and bright sunlight. The direct sun can damage the leaves and create permanent browning of the leaves. Hence, don’t keep your plant outdoors for a long time.
  5. Soil – While potting and mixing the soil for your Swiss cheese or window plant, be careful about the water retention quality of it. The root may start rotting if it sits in wet soil for too long. Hence, the soil mix must have excellent draining quality. The pots for these plants also require a draining hole in the bottom.
  6. Fertilisation – Fertilise the soil every 2 to 3 weeks using a liquid fertiliser. The mixing ratio should be 15-15-15; as it doesn’t require excessive fertiliser. Instead of regular watering, you may dilute half a teaspoon of fertiliser in a gallon of water for the plant.
  7. Pruning – Learning the proper pruning methods will help you grow your Monstera Deliciosa perfectly. Trim the stems and leaves carefully to propagate the plant. You can also trim the aerial roots, but tucking them back into the pot is preferred. 

In Conclusion

Swiss cheese or window plants are always in demand; hence, they will be easily found in any online or offline nurseries in Singapore. If you’re looking for other plants with beautiful foliage, you may also consider Anthurium Crystallinum. However, unlike Monstera, Anthurium Crystallinum is quite a rare find. Regardless of the plant you select, gardening will always be a rewarding hobby. It will bring you closer to nature and reduces the negative effects of stress and anxiety on your mind.

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