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Discovering the Best Outdoor Plants in Singapore Tropical Weather

Monstera Borsigiana Albo Variegated

Climate change is a severe issue that the world is facing, currently. According to market research, 2022 has been the sixth warmest year on record. A similar trend was also noticed in Singapore, as the average temperature was 0.1 degrees Celsius higher. 2022 has been the tenth warmest year for Singapore, according to government records. Therefore, sowing outdoor plants in Singapore is a widespread trend, alongside gardening.


Singapore has adopted several green and sustainable initiatives to contribute positively toward correcting the negative impact of climate change on the world. And with increasing awareness regarding the benefits of gardening, people have also curated balcony or backyard gardens, bringing them close to nature. That’s why this blog collated a list of low-maintenance outdoor plants for your little slice of nature.

5 Best Tropical Outdoor Plants in Singapore 

  1. Monstera Plant – If you have any Monstera plants in your backyard or balcony garden, rest assured humid and tropical Singapore is perfect for it. The Swiss cheese plant, however, cannot bear direct sunlight for long. Hence, you need to put it under a shade. If the pot is small enough, you can change its spot sometimes to protect it from long-term exposure to heat.
  2. Dracaena Fragrans – While caring for Dracaena Fragrans be careful about overwatering and rotting of the roots. Before watering this plant, check whether the soil has completely dried up. You can do a finger test to check the first 5 cm of the soil before watering. You can place this plant on your balcony, receiving shade and copious amounts of indirect sunlight.
  3. Peperomia Obtusifolia – Peperomia Obtusifolia or baby rubber is a tropical plant; initially found in subtropical areas like Mexico and the Caribbean. Unlike the previous plants mentioned in this list, you don’t have to worry about baby rubber plants getting the full sun. Direct sunlight and high humidity mimic its native environment; therefore, it thrives well.
  4. Begonia Inca Flame – This plant is also known as the painted leaf plant because of its beautiful red leaves. This plant can thrive well when it receives the morning sun for about 6 hours. You may keep it on the balcony, which receives ample indirect sunlight for its unrestricted growth. The balcony shade will also protect it against browning and any permanent damage.
  5. Pellionia Repens – Pellionia Repens, commonly known as a satin creeper, is the perfect balcony plant. Hang them from the ceiling using wall planters and instantly brighten up the aesthetic of your balcony garden. You don’t have to fret over taking care of this plant. You only ensure the roots don’t sit on wet soil for long. Hence, the pots need to have a draining hole underneath. 

In conclusion

While taking care of an outdoor garden in Singapore, especially with Monstera plants, Dracaena Fragrans, baby rubber plants and alike, the primary concern is overwatering. However, while caring for different plants, it is best to adopt an individual approach for each plant. Each plant is dissimilar, so their watering, light and soil needs are different too. All the plants mentioned in this list are effortless to care for and are low maintenance.

So, start your gardening with outdoor plants in Singapore today!