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7 Unique Ways to Style Your Arrowhead Plant for Home Decor

Monstera Karstenianum 'Peru' Pot 10cm

Human life, as we know it, is facing one of the most impactful risks, climate change. The continuous loss of forests and vegetation impacts biodiversity, myriads of organisms and more worldwide. That is why Singapore, being the City of Gardens, has adopted several sustainability initiatives, including planting ‘one-million trees’ under the Green Plan by 2030. Likewise, the people of Singapore have also taken up gardening, using indoor plants as a hobby and contributing to sustainability.


In addition to gardening, interior decoration of residential and corporate properties has also witnessed a trend of using greenery as decor. Continuing that trend, this blog will discuss some unique ideas for using arrowhead plants for home decor.

7 Unique Ideas for Using Arrowhead Plants for Home Décor 

  1. Add Depth – Don’t place your plants at the same height. Break the monotony by adding depth to your room. Use hanging pots to air-hang a small arrowhead. Arrowhead plants can also grow as high as 6 ft, so letting them be in a corner, will add a great touch of green to your interior.
  2. Space break up – Using different species of arrowhead can help you break up a large room into smaller areas. Build a plant shelve or use wall planters for your arrowheads to create a division in any wide-open space. This will give you better privacy without isolating the inhabitants.
  3. Corner makeover – While starting any home decor project, especially with plants, corners are the first to be given a makeover. Select a beautiful and cohesive design for your pot that brings the interior together. Now repot your arrowhead into that pot and let it flourish. Syngonium Pink is usually a great addition to the corner of your room.
  4. Make an entrance – Give your guests a warm welcome by adding plants near the entryway. Add a few miniature indoor plants alongside an arrowhead to make the entrance to your home vibrant. It will also purify the air in your home so your guests can feel instantly fresh once they step in.
  5. Marvellous metallic – Usually, people use terracotta or even decorative pots made of plastic and other materials. However, if you’re styling plants for home decor, try metallic pots for bigger plants. They are elegant and often match different types of interior decorations and designs.
  6. Rule of three – The rule of three is mainly a design principle that stipulates decorating items in a group of three. While decorating a room, two plants may look random, and four plants look cluttered. However, three plants give a more professional touch to your interior decor.
  7. Less is more – Social media will tell you to fill your home with plants ASAP! But do not take that advice. To maintain a more elegant and sophisticated vibe in your home, only select plants you can care for. Fewer plants also enable you to style them in a versatile manner. 

In Summation

Nurseries and horticulturists in Singapore can guide you regarding the upkeep of the plants. Before stocking your home up with different plants, don’t forget to learn about their care, gardening tools and more. Mix and match your plant collection with indoor plants, succulents and more, alongside large or even smaller arrowheads.

Give your home a makeover with these arrowhead plant styling ideas today!