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Investing in the right plant for an Enchanting Garden

Peperomia puteolata 'Parallel Peperomia' in a Hanging Pot 170mm

Remember the school days when we had to write essays on our hobbies? Most of us used to mention “gardening” as our favourite, right? Well, this is because plants like outdoor garden plants, indoor plants, etc., are the most beautiful components of Mother Nature. However, rapid global warming and climate change have a huge negative impact on biodiversity. A survey data from 2022 reveals that almost 45.1 per cent of people in Singapore consider climate change a serious concern. Therefore, to combat the harmful effects of drastic climate change, the people of Singapore, the Garden City, have taken an initiative towards environmental sustainability through gardening.

Before diving into the types, let us see how beneficial garden plants are.

The lush green leaves, the stout stem, and the sturdy roots of the plants have a divine, soothing and meditative effect. Therefore, gardening is a real stress-buster amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that gardening is a vital exercise that

  • boosts memory
  • elevates mood
  • enhances physical and mental strength

Apart from the health benefits, garden plants impart a sense of aesthetics to your outdoor landscape and patio. So, let us look at the five predominantly available plants that are; perfect for your garden.

1. Ixora

Tired of the monotonous look of your garden? Bring home a pot of Ixora Red or Ixora Yellow to spruce up your outdoor space with a vibrant burst of colour. This alluring outdoor plant blooms into lovely flowers in a cluster of 40-60 and is suitable for Singapore weather. This low-maintenance plant requires adequate light for 6-8 hours a day, ample water, slightly acidic soil that can retain moisture, fertiliser, and of course, needs your love- the most crucial ingredient to grow well.

2. Fig

Ficus carica is a deciduous fruit-bearing tree that grows well in a medium-humid area. It grows best in full sun and thrives well in light and dry soils.  The pest-resistance and drought-tolerant properties make it a very compact and unique garden plant.

3. Schuyler (Grape)

This tree bears blue table grape that has; an extremely sweet flavour beyond imagination. It generally starts blooming mid-spring. You need to plant this tree in an area where it will receive proper sunlight and ensure regular watering.

4. Monstera Deliciosa

Are you a newbie gardening enthusiast? Then, Monstera Deliciosa is your perfect companion. Often termed the “Swiss cheese”, this plant is a tropical plant that; makes ideal aesthetic foliage.

5. Hanging Plants

Do you have a wall in your garden that looks bland and basic? Why don’t you go for hanging plants then? Air-hanging plants add an accent to your garden decor. Just place them under filtered sunlight, hang them on the wall with chains, and sprinkle water once a week, and the magic is complete.

Key Takeaway

Mortal beings are dependent on plants for ages because plants maintain the ecological balance. Therefore, it is our responsibility to look after them just as they do. The Green Corner, Singapore assists you in showering upon our love and appreciation for plants by supplying the right garden plants and gardening tools. So go through their website now for their exquisite collection. Go green and stay safe.