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Wall Planter – The Perfect Partner for Nature Enthusiasts

With increasing urbanization, gone are the days when people used to have outdoor landscape patios or backyards with exuberant arrays of plants. In the modern era, where space crunch is a major issue in residential apartments, gardening seems to be a lavish recreation. But what if someone gives you a solution to bring Nature to your home? Yes, with house plants like Pink Princess Philodendron, you can connect with the environment and feel a positive impact on your physical and social well-being.

However, choosing the apt container for your indoor plants like Anthurium crystallinum, snake plant, money plant etc., is also necessary. According to a study by the Floral Marketing Fund, 37% of consumers gave equal importance to the container before purchasing a houseplant (

Let us explore the benefits of having the appropriate container and how you can purchase them:

1. Wall Planter – The Bonanza

It is the newest attractive way of showcasing and arranging your ornamental indoor plants like Anthurium crystallinum, money plant, Begonia etc., as well as outdoor plants. You can attach it according to your desire to any suitable walls with pins or small nails and then plant your treasures with delicacy and care.

2. The perks of investing in wall planters

If you do not like your pots of happiness to get clumsy, then wall planters are a perfect choice for you. They provide both aesthetic and practical advantages.

  1. Wall planters add a touch of height and a pop of colour to your home. It keeps your plants in place and creates an aesthetically pleasing look for your home, office desk or conference room.
  2. Additionally, they are very easy to install and do not require any sophisticated tools.
  3. Hanging planters support the growth of more plants per square foot, unlike traditional containers.
  4. In modern-day architecture where floor space is limited, wall planters are a big yes!

3. Some common types of Wall Planters

Plant nurseries provide wall planters of various shapes, materials, designs and hues based on your preference. Some of them are Brick, Glass, Wall hanging, Vertical wall planters and others.

4. How can you select a suitable wall planter?

Before purchasing a wall planter, look for the following points:

  1. Have a concrete idea of the space you want to revamp. Measure the dimensions and order a wall planter of the perfect size so that it doesn’t overpower the area.
  2. Be sure to be specific in the purpose of your purchase. If you want to have a makeover of your bland wall or just add some vibrancy to it, then a hanging planter with exquisite flowers can make all the difference. Else, if you want to add beauty to your outdoor space, then garden variety planters are the best investment.
  3. Finally, choose the material, design and texture of the planters according to your preferences.

Bottom Line

If you have bought a Pink Princess Philodendron but do not know how to place them, buy a wall planter from The Green Corner, Singapore and place it in your style. It will look divine and pristine. The wall planter is a complete muse for plant artistry. Therefore, do not wait anymore to have this beauty in your home!