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Creative Ways to Incorporate Epipremnum Aureum in Home Decor

Do you know why escapades in lush green resorts or a walk in the park feel like bliss and peace? Well, the answer is simple! Humans and every other living being is connected to their primal instincts, and when we trace our roots back to those instincts by connecting with nature, a part of our long-lost aura feels delighted. Although being surrounded by greenery feels no less than divine, finding a leaf or two in today’s concrete jungle has become a distant dream. If you want to bring a piece of Mother Nature into your home and incorporate some natural elements, houseplants like Epipremnum Aureum can be an excellent option.

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, Money Plant or Golden Pothos, Epipremnum Aureum is a versatile and resilient houseplant with air-purifying properties. However, its advantages rise beyond that. You can use the plat to add a touch of elegance to your living spaces. When we are talking about aesthetics, we mean doing so much more than traditional placement on a shelf or in a pot. Wondering how to creatively incorporate this charming green companion into your home décor? Here you go!

1. Hanging Gardens

Hanging gardens look stunning on balconies or porches. However, for those who want a garden in their home and are stuck with restricted spaces, hanging a garden with money plants can look no less than surreal. You can use a macramé plant hanger or a wall-mounted planter to showcase the lush foliage of the Devil’s Ivy. It doesn’t just save floor space, but it also adds a delightful focal point to any room.

2. Epipremnum Aureum Terrarium

Terrariums are all the rage in contemporary interior design, and Epipremnum Aureum is an ideal candidate for these mini-ecosystems. Select a glass container and layer it with small stones, activated charcoal, and well-draining potting mix and then, arrange your devil’s ivy inside, creating a captivating miniature jungle.

3. Vertical Green Wall

Transform a plain wall into a green masterpiece by creating a vertical garden with Epipremnum Aureum. Use wall-mounted planters or a modular system to arrange your plants in a grid-like pattern. This doesn’t just add a burst of nature to your home, it also serves as a natural sound absorber.

4. Epipremnum Aureum as Room Dividers

For an unconventional twist, use Epipremnum Aureum as a living room divider. Place tall pots with lush golden pothos on a shelf or use a series of hanging planters to separate different areas of a large room to define your space and add an airy, organic element to your home.


The trailing vies of Epipremnum Aureum can make your home look like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. Whether you want to get the plant for your home, or you want it as a gift for someone else, get it from a trusted nursery that has fresh and healthy plants. In case you are already searching for one, you don’t have to visit nurseries on your own, rather you can always order an Epipremnum Aureum online from The Green Corner!