Christmas Tree Terms & Conditions


To supply and deliver live Christmas trees according to the details stipulated in the online Order Form/email order confirmation.

To dismantle and remove the Christmas tree (Removal of the ornaments and lights on the tree is excluded). Customers are to remove all ornaments they wish to keep before the dismantle date. Any ornaments left on the tree will be collected back during dismantling. Should there be a delay in dismantling due to the removal of Christmas Tree ornaments and lights by the customer, The Green Corner will have to reschedule a new date to dismantle the Christmas Tree and will be charged accordingly.

A Christmas tree stand will be delivered together with the Christmas Tree and will be on loan. The Christmas Tree stand will be collected back on the day of dismantling.

The Green Corner (TGC) will do our best to ensure that all information on our Site is complete, current and accurate. However, due to circumstances not within our control, occasionally, the product, its specifications and actual quality may vary. TGC reserves its rights to revise all prices and products on the Site at any time without notice.

Details of delivery shall be according to the client’s order confirmation. Any customisation shall be communicated at the point of sales and indicated on the Order Form. No exchange or refund shall be entertained after delivery.

The date of delivery and dismantling of the Christmas Tree shall be determined at the point of sales. As much as possible, TGC shall attempt our best to meet customers’ availability.

TGC shall not be responsible for any delay in delivery if the delay is due to the client’s withholding of site access/facilities/permits. TGC reserves the right to claim additional costs incurred as a result of the client’s delay in our delivery.

Order rescheduling shall be at our discretion.

Delivery will only begin from 28 November 2022 to 24 December 2022. Dismantling will only start from 26 December 2022 to 8 January 2023.

*COVID-19 has impacted the worldwide movement of goods and people as countries implement additional border controls and restrictions on international travel. As a result, the delivery of your Christmas tree might be delayed due to the pandemic. We seek your kind understanding with regard to this.

All retail prices are GST inclusive.
Prices only include delivery and setup, dismantling and disposal of trees.

Payment shall be made in full before the arrangement of delivery.

Any additional items/quantities not specified in our confirmed order details shall be charged accordingly.

Charges may apply if additional manpower/labour is needed to deliver/set up the Christmas tree where there is no direct access to lift landing or manual carrying of Christmas trees is required.

Shall the Christmas Tree stand be damaged or thrown away before the dismantling, an additional charge of $65 shall apply.

A charge of $50 shall apply for postponement/ rescheduling of delivery or/and dismantling date if the request was made 1 week before the scheduled delivery date or/ and dismantling date. An additional charge of $50 shall apply for rescheduling unsuccessful delivery or dismantling due to but not limited to, uncontactable reasons.

A cancellation fee shall apply for all cancellations. For cancellations made within 2 weeks prior to the stipulated delivery dates mentioned in the Order Form, the fee is 90% for the order/orders cancelled. All other cancellations made after the confirmed Order Form date are subject to a fee of 10% of the order/orders cancelled.

For cancellation of rescheduled orders, the cancellation fee shall be calculated based on the initially selected delivery date, i.e. the date as confirmed in the Order Form, not the rescheduled date.

TGC shall not be liable for any damages, injury, consequential damages, directly or indirectly caused by any failure of performance, error, defect, delay of operation or communication of the product and services.

The “free poinsettias” are valid only while stock lasts.