The Green Corner

Transform Your Balcony into a Spirit-lifting Space with Plants

Balconies are the most sought-after spaces where almost everyone spends time sipping morning coffee or doing yoga in the evening. Adding up some flowering plants or leafy greens around will enhance your relaxing time vibrancy. If you fancy creating a lush landscape space on your balcony and are wondering what plants to put there, read more to discover appropriate plants for your balcony.

Here are some plants that can help transform your ordinary balcony into a mini relaxing space:

  • Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are an excellent choice for balcony dwellers with limited space. There are many types of hydrangeas, but the spherical form is the most popular and stunning. These flowering plants are interesting to keep on balconies. Some smaller types look lovely in pots and are an excellent complement to a patio. Be careful to get miniature shrubs and water them frequently.

  • Ferns

Ferns are a fantastic option for expansive balconies. Drill some hooks into the roof to support hanging plants, so the balcony is covered in a gorgeous, lush green look. Doing it this way leaves a tonne of floor space for your morning exercises and gives the ferns enough room to flourish. They must be placed carefully in a shaded area. If you search for balcony plants in Singapore, you will find all types of ferns at the top.

  • Pansy

Another great plant you can add to your balcony’s setup is Pansy. They are ideal for the balcony for various reasons, including their delicate aroma, velvety smoothness, and vibrant colors. They may be used in gardens, window boxes, baskets, and containers and are adaptable and simple to handle. 

  • Hoya Plant

Hoya Plant is one of the most low maintenance plants perfect for people who can’t devote ample time to gardening. Hoyas are also not picky about light. Though they will grow fine in low light, they will perform better in a bright environment. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for a balcony. Hoyas don’t require frequent fertilization, but a small application of liquid houseplant fertilizer now and then in the spring and summer will be helpful.

  • Hibiscus

Are you searching for some unique flowers? The hibiscus plant is the answer to your seek. Any balcony space may be quickly brightened by the rich pink color and exotic appearance. Buy a hibiscus that won’t need a lot of areas to bloom.

  • Alocasia Green Dragon

Adding some green plants to your balcony is always a great idea. Depending on the plant size, you must adjust the required space. There is a wide variety of Alocasia plants, such as Black Velvet, Black Magic, Ivory Coast, Melo, and many more. Put your Alocasia Green Dragon in bright, indirect sunshine. Keep it away from direct sunlight as it may dry and scorch the leaves.

The Takeaway

Not all plants are suitable for balconies. Some require low light, and others thrive in direct sunlight. You should choose your balcony plants per your balcony temperature and sunlight direction. These are some plants that make perfect additions to accelerate your balcony transformation process.

You can contact a professional plant supplier if you want plant recommendations for your balcony and plant delivery in Singapore.