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Undemanding Plants for a Spectacular Balcony

Amidst the concrete jungle and the hustle and bustle of the city, your balcony is probably the only way to connect you with nature. For those who do not have a large and green backyard, a balcony can be a great compensation to fill the lack of greens. From stunning, low-maintenance house plants to vertical gardens, there is a truckload of options for revamping your balcony.

If you want to spend some time between the lush greens in your early mornings sipping on a hot cup of cocoa during the winter mornings on your balcony, here are some plants that are low-maintenance. Dive into this guide to go through our carefully curated selection of handpicked plants that can make your balcony picturesque.


Some of the simplest indoor plants to cultivate and maintain are philodendrons. Consider a philodendron if you are seeking a low-maintenance indoor plant. They are quick growers and can be planted indoors all year long. They can grow from one to six feet long and equally wide, depending on the philodendron species and the size of the container they are planted in.


Alocasia is known for its remarkably distinguished wide, textured leaves with flat or wavy margins, a heart- or arrowhead shape, and unique veining that is frequently cream in colour and stands out sharply against the leaf’s rich green colour. The alocasia plant has a strong presence. With its arresting appearance and unmistakable appeal, this plant draws you in and effortlessly adds easy beauty to any balcony.

Snake Plant

Snake plants on the other hand are known for their air-purifying attributes. They can filter the indoor air while removing toxic pollutants. These plants are easy to care for and the feng shui they offer can definitely go a long way.

Devil’s Ivy

Nobody knows how this plant got to be known as a “money plant,” but if you have it in your home, there won’t ever be a financial crisis, according to a popular proverb. Although it is undoubtedly a beautiful plant, you must keep it out of the balcony’s direct sunlight to prevent the heart-shaped leaves from being scratched. If you have limited space on your balcony, we advise developing it vertically.

Jade Plant

The jade plant, one of the most wildly popular outdoor plants in Singapore, is affectionately referred to as the “friendship tree.” It doesn’t burn in the sun, doesn’t require any water, and can grow in even the aridest soils. In other words, it endures the worst of circumstances just like great friendships do! True friends make our lives happier while this one purges the air of impurities. Outdo that!

Boston Fern

The Boston fern, the most exquisite-looking fern with frilly leaves and dangling fronds, will look magnificent in a basket suspended from the balcony ceiling. This plant is so simple to look after that you may leave for a lengthy journey, go to Boston, and come back to it still looking green.

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