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Why do you need to have Begonias at your home?

The Begonia Maculata or Polka Dot Begonia is a splashy stunner that looks fabulous with its show-stopping contrasting spots and vibrant olive-green leaves. What is the best part about Begonia MaculataWell, the garden plant is absolutely easy to grow so you don’t need a green thumb to make an impression with the garden plant. Known as one of the most perfect grandmother plants, Begonia Maculata is primarily a large angel wing-shaped houseplant that deserves a spot in every home. Still, wondering why? Then here’s some information for you.

Reasons to get Begonia Maculata

  • Begonias are a wonderful, low-maintenance plant. There is a reason they can be cultivated as indoor plants, outdoors in full sunlight, or in the shade of your tree (depending on the variety). Begonias are rather easy-going plants.
  • Begonia plants look fantastic as a stand-alone or in contrast to other plants because of the variety in their blooms’ sizes, colours, and forms.
  • Begonias are the ideal plant for plant purchasers that prioritise value. They can be a focal point in your garden with less work than other plants because of their big, bushy nature and ease of upkeep.
  • The diversity of begonia plants available is remarkable, and begonia plants are growing in popularity. This implies that you’ll have lots of selection options when you go plant shopping. Also, some begonia varieties are more well-liked. For instance, tuberous and rhizomatous begonia plants can thrive indoors, but other varieties do better outside where there is more natural light.

How to Care for This Stunning Houseplant?

The Polka Dot begonia has a vertical growth habit and can grow up to five feet tall. Its leaves have dazzling white dots that are generally uniform in size and are a dark olive tint. They feature burgundy undersides and an arrowhead form. The plant will produce tiny flowers with a form resembling those of other begonia plants under ideal circumstances.

In contrast to most houseplants, they prefer bright, indirect, or dappled sunshine and like to stay reasonably moist; only let the top half to an inch of soil to become completely dry. This is simple to verify with your finger. But beware of wet roots; no plant wants them. Before placing the pot back on the saucer or in its caching pot, let it drain fully.

These perennial evergreens are native to the tropical jungles of Brazil, so it should come as no surprise that they need warmth, ample filtered light, and regular watering. Their cascading white blooms bloom all during the warm season, and they are a pretty quick grower that can reach three feet or more.


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